Children.de Case Study

CHILDREN Landing Page Screenshot

A completly new website for the munich based NGO Children for a better World e.V.

Roles: Consulting/Design/Implementation
With: Children for a better World e.V.
Release: 2018
View live: children.de


The old website of the NGO was amazingly outdated and the team was already reluctant to share the URL. It was time for a complete overhaul.

We aimed for a design that is very friendly and clean while still being playful in the right places.

It was not really an option for the client to reduce the amount of content so there was a lot.

The client had some problems with their servers being down and basically depended on a single IT-Professional with the knowledge to get it running again so they prefered a SaaS solution to a self hosted one.


I decided to try Squarespace as a provider for this project so the client did not have to worry about the availability of the website and because of the simple backend they provide for the team.

Also it gave me the opportunity to learn and to explore what I could achieve within a DIY website service (a lot – with a lot of hacks).

The design features large photos from the NGOs own photostock, relies heavily on their "trademark" orange especially for section backgrounds and is also true to their existing CI.

To deal with the amout of content we did a a lot to break up the texts, added icons images and markup to make it more appealing and used sliders and toggles to hide text for anyone but the really interested.


The website is live with minor changes at www.children.de.

CHILDREN Full Landing Page