Light Waves Making of

The finished sculpture The finished sculpture is documented over here.


little drawing

The sculpture recreates an optical effect (caustic).
Photo of some pretty river caustics
photo credits


It also has a life of it's own and reacts to the sounds in the room.

Brain: Arduino microcontroller.
Ear: Electret condenser microphone with a simple amplifier.
Hand: An old printer motor rotates excentrically and shakes the bubble to create ripples.

Look at some old and inaccurate sketches:
old and inaccurate sketch old and inaccurate sketch


Look at some prototypes:

The Motor with an excentric shaft Prototyping: The motor


The Electronics (Arduino under custom shield)
Prototyping: The electronics


The Bubble
Prototyping: A bubble test


And because you scrolled so far you'll get to look at some pretty and pretty funky caustic experiments:

Get in touch if you'd like some code or something.